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What is SayCure?

The SayCure platform is a custom-built monitoring, detection, and response system that visualizes and neutralizes threats before they have a negative impact on your business. The SayCure platform was created to meet a variety of information security (IS) and information technology (IT) requirements. SayCure is more than just a platform; it's a combination of trained, skilled, and certified resources and technology, as our monitoring team is on the lookout 24 hours a day, seven days a week to proactively hunt for threats, respond to alarms, and create a proper plan to safeguard your business (s).

We have incoperated the following features on our SayCure platform to enhance visbility of threats in an organization and to solve existing problems from the Information Security as well as Information Technology perspective.

  • Log Management
  • Threat Monitoring
  • Incident Handeling
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Package Based Vulnerability Detection
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Compliance Monitoring (PCI DSS, HIPPA, Custom Compliance*)
  • IT Asset Monitoring

We have sat with various technology leader as day to day operation managers of different organization to list out a set of usecases which can provide security visibility as well as IT operations assistance to get optimum Return on Invesment (ROI) with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We Understand You May Have More ; We Are Prepared To Do More !

  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Continious Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Management With Solution
  • Tracking Incidents With Case Management
  • Meet Regulatory Compliances
  • Assistance With IT
  • Information Security Advisory

With diversified multi-vendor experience, we understand your pain points. We are #Made4Security to relief your pain as per your bespoke need :

  • On-demand, Weekly, Quarterly Technical / Executive Report.
  • Incident Report
  • Vulnerability Management Report
  • Weekly Global Threat Landscape Summary
  • Tailored Emerging Threat Reports


  • 24x7 Monitoring
  • Intrusion detection & Incident Handling
  • Monthly Analysis Report
  • Weekly Threat Report
  • Weekly/Quickly Emerging Threat Report
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • MITRE ATT&CK based Statistics
  • Shared Security Analysts
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  • +Bronze Tier
  • x1 Dedicated Analyst
  • Periodic Vulnerability Assessment
  • Custom Compliance Monitoring
  • Semi-Annual Information Security Training
  • Up-time performance monitoring
  • Dedicated Network Threat Monitoring
  • TLS/SSL Certificate Monitoring
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  • +Silver Tier
  • x2 Dedicated Analyst
  • Periodic Penetration Testing
  • Tailored Emerging Threat Reports
  • Phishing Awareness Campaign
  • Information Security Advisory Service

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Market Differentiators

CryptoGen Nepal Aims To Be A Leader In The Space Of Information Security, Uniqueness Resides At Our Core Competencies.

  • Trained & Certified Manpower
  • Reduce Mean Time To Detect in-bound Threats
  • Vulnerability Detection (Input From Seasoned Penetration Testers)
  • Periodic Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Emerging Threat Updates Weekly & Quick Alerts
  • Regulatory Compliance Monitoring (e.g., PCI DSS, NIST 800-53, GDPR, Customized)
  • Periodic Security Awareness Training
  • Cyber Security Consultant
  • Rootkit Detection

Get secure with SayCure

If your business have a unique or specific use case in consideration, or if you'd like to witness a demo, please feel free to contact us.

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Aside from SayCure, we provide a variety of Cyber Security services that may be of interest to you or your company. If your organization is seeking for a consultant or a services, We are here for you. 

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